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  • Driver’s Ed Registration and Schedule for Fall 2017

    Driver’s Education registration is September 6 at 6:15 pm at Merle Ave. Please see the flyer for more information. Fall Driver Ed Registration

  • Summer Playground Parade Tips Hat to Heroes

    Take a look at our mini heroes paying tribute to the real thing at the Early Childhood Summer Playground Parade, organized by DOCA. The children were dressed as superheroes as well as saluting firefighters, police officers and people working in the medical field.         Our Early Childhood Summer Playground parade paid tribute […]

  • 2017-18 Calendar In the Mail Oceanside Schools Anchored Together by Purpose Passion and People Calendar 2017-2018

    We are mailing out the 2017-2018 School Year Calendar to all families with children in school for their reference. This calendar includes all the important and fun events throughtout the school district. If you did not receive one, or have questions about the calendar, please call 678-7525. For the most UP TO DATE CALENDAR INFORMATION, […]

  • Our New Web Site

    Welcome to our new site! We hope you find it more useful, attractive and fun to use. Note that our mobile app may not be up to date as we fully transition to the new site. We expect that will be a temporary situation. The new website is fully responsive, however, which means that no matter […]

  • OHS Athletes Named All-American, Second Team LI Three high school students honored with awards surrounded by principal, superintendent, athletic director and coatches in high school lobby

    Three lacrosse student-athletes from OHS were recognized for their performance on the playing fields, teamwork and academic excellence by the Lacrosse Foundation. Alison Schwasnick and Kelsey Williams are Academic All-American. Alison is headed to Columbia University and Kelsey will attend Hobart & William Smith. Both will play lacrosse in college. Christina McCabe was named Second […]

  • Congratulations to All Our Graduates! School #5 Principal, Mr. Scott Bullis with 6th Grade boys and girls after their Moving Up Ceremony at School #6

    Today, we congratulate our sixth graders who celebrated their moving up ceremonies. Last week, our four year old Pre-K students marked their day of Moving Up to the big leagues – Kindergarten – with a special ceremony. Tomorrow, it’s on to Oceanside Middle School and Friday, our OHS Class of 2017 will forever after be […]


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