Principal’s Message


Dear Parent/Guardian(s),

It is with great enthusiasm and excitement that I welcome you and your child to the 2017-2018 school year at Oceanside High School Castleton!

OHS Castleton strives to provide an alternative approach to education that empowers students to succeed in school.  Our goal is to establish a safe, supportive environment that capitalizes on the strengths and interests of the student while developing their social, emotional, and academic needs.  We set the same academic and behavioral standards as the traditional high school, but we work to incorporate a more personalized, unique, and nurturing touch that some students may require.

At Castleton, we work to create an educational experience different than that of the traditional classroom.  We offer a low student-to-teacher ratio, differentiated instruction, individual and group counseling, and additional one-to-one support periods for your child.  Additionally, we offer the unique Castleton Field Experience and Day 5 MASHUP that allows students to direct their own learning and step away from traditional classroom instruction.  We continue to offer all core classes as well as Castleton’s own Hope & Grit curriculum. This year we have added Sign Language, Business Ownership and Science in Mainstream Media.  Additionally, we have created a Mindfulness & Meditation course as well as a new Mindfulness Room.  We continue to work on creating Personalized Education Plans (PEPs) for all students with the goal of individualized road maps for each and every students that includes strengths, academic and emotional needs, graduation planning, and career interests.

The teachers and staff at OHS Castleton are a dedicated group committed to the success of your child.  We pride ourselves on the personal relationships that we create with students and the family atmosphere in our hallway.  Students are challenged to take the lead role in their education and become self-advocates.  We look forward to a rewarding partnership with you in this effort.

We invite you to be a part of the Castleton family!  If you are interested in working as a Castleton parent representative or if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me throughout the year.  I can be reached at 678-7593 or by e-mail at


Brendon Mitchell


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