Florence A. Smith School No.2 PTA
2745 Terrell Avenue
Oceanside , NY 11572

The Florence A. Smith School #2 PTA, has a diverse and culturally rich membership that brings children and adults together through education and entertainment in the most meaningful ways. Our parents are moved by the spirit of volunteerism and make all of our events tremendously successful.

We begin our school year with a traditional Back to School Barbeque that is attended by over 600 people of all ages. Our Arts in Education programs delight the children while educating them. Among the programs scheduled for this year are the National Circus Project, Journey Into American Indian Territory, and Barry Goldberg, the cartoonist of the Rugrats. We have had Artists in Residence, who, with the helping hands of every child in the school, made several beautiful murals which hang in our hallways. Our PARP (People as Reading Partners) theme last year was "Books Across America - United We Read" and it brought together children, parents and members of the community for many enriching reading activities. This year's "Survivor - Reading Is a Reality" theme will prove to be even better. It will incorporate an Author-Illustrator Night where we will be host to nearly twenty writers and artists who will share their work and experiences. Other PTA events include School Spirit Week, Family Fun Day, March Madness, Staff Recognition Luncheon, and, of course, all the fundraising events, such as plant sales, wrapping paper and cookie dough, which enable us to continue all the elevating programs we and our children enjoy.

These are just some of the activities that the PTA brings to School #2. It is very important to keep a line of communication open to the parents and community through different programs and our PTA is dedicated to doing just that. Please contact us with your ideas, suggestions, concerns and/or just to chat.

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MEETINGS 2016-2017
September 8, 7 pm • October 5, 7 pm • November 17, 7 pm 
January 12, 7 pm • February 8, 9:45 am • March 9, NOMINATIONS, 7 pm • April 27, ELECTIONS, 7 pm
April 28, INSTALLATION, 7 pm • May 7, BUDGET, 7 pm 


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Co-Presidents Dulcie DeDonna 859-5508 (C)  
  Kate Xuereb 381-5792 (C)  
Past Co-President Matthew Horowitz (917) 418-7740 (C)
1st Vice Presidents Jane Kraus 536-2099 (H)
  Danielle Tocci 426-8063 (C)  
2nd Vice Presidents Laura Bonacasa 678-8925 (H)
(Arts in Education)  
  Paulina Baratta 319-6989 (C)  
3rd Vice Presidents Liz Warttinger 965-2511 (C)
  Carrine Molite 661-8523 (C)  
Corresponding Sec’y Stacey Mainland 594-0492 (H)  
Recording Sec’y Julie Brooks 678-8859 (H)  
Treasurer  Bridget Griffin 455-5446 (C)  
Delegates to Council Felicia Furst 428-5274 (C)  
  Andrea Breger 425-2312 (C)  
Faculty Advisors Susan Hopp 678-7557
  Carol Krucher 678-7557
Counselor Thomas Capone 678-7557
Back to School BBQ Dulcie DeDonna  858-5508 (C)
Blood Drive Kelly Mohr  208-8272 (C)
Book Fair                         Melissa Auletti 652-2219 (C)
Box Tops Bonnie Radef 297-3295 (C)
  Jennifer Lane 551-1634 (C)
Bylaws/Procedures Dulcie DeDonna 859-5508 (C)
  Kate Xuereb 381-5792 (C)
Committee at Large Stacey Mainland 594-0492 (H)
DAWC Joseph Cimaglia 610-8163 (C)
Dinner/Dance Nicole Naughton 526-2678 (C)
  Elizabeth Schachtel 474-0278 (C)
Family Fun & Fitness  Carrine Molite 661-8523 (C)
Fun Day                           Caryn Briguglio 563-1092 (H)
  Danielle Canone 492-5857 (C)
Grade Level Directory Melissa Sheremet 807-3556 (C)
  Alyssa Mancuso 658-0504 (C)
Holiday Boutique Danielle Tocci 426-8063 (C)
Honorary Life Jane Kraus 536-2099 (H)
  Danielle Tocci 426-8063 (C)
Hospitality Julie Brooks  678-8859 (H)
Juvenile Protection Nicole Joyce 659-1470 (C)
Kindergarten Liaison/Brk Elizabeth Schachtel 474-0278 (C)
Legislation Dulcie DeDonna 859-5508 (C)
Nutrition/Health Jen Avenoso 631-275-3208 (C)
OMS Liaison Ali Bittenbender 594-3064 (C)
PARP Vanessa Bozek 917-691-7356 (C)
PASS Andrew Berman 784-4840 (C)
Picture Day Tara Boyd 721-9859 (C)
Plant Sale Melissa Lullo 312-9543 (C)
Reflections Nicole Wolfrath 241-4541 (C)
  Jen Avenoso 631-275-3208 (C)
RIF Cathy Micalizzi 766-2987 (H)
  Meloi Policastro 376-2920 (C)
Safety Drop Off Beth Torpey 551-6274 (C)
Scholarship  Dulcie DeDonna 859-5508 (C)
School Spirit Week Ali Bittenbender 594-3064 (C)
SEPTA Liaison  TBA  
SDMT Cathy Micalizi 766-2987 (H)
  Sandra Brew  642-7904 (C)
Staff Luncheon Stacey Mainland 594-0492 (C)
  Ali Bittenbender 594-3064 (C)
Thanksgiving Pie Sale Maria Herzner 474-0329 (C)
  Julie Paolino 764-4430 (H)
2’s News Andrea Breger 425-2312 (C)
Wrapping Paper Nicole Naughton 526-2678 (C)
6th Grade Fundraising Paulina Baratta 319-6989 (C)
  Bonnie Radefi 297-3295 (C)
6th Grade Treasurer Michele LoPiccolo 263-6212 (C)



Unless otherwise noted, Round Tables are held at 7 pm in HS
Library. Council Meetings are held at 8 pm in
the HS Library.



September 12, 2016 PTA Presidents Round Table/Council Meeting  
October 20, 2016 Council Legislation Mtg., OHS Cafeteria, 7:30 pm  
November 15, 2016 PTA Presidents Round Table/Council Meeting  
December 12, 2016 Presidents/Principals Dinner 7 pm  
January 4, 2017 PTA Presidents Round Table/Council Meeting  
February 1, 2017 PTA Presidents Round Table Only  
March 14, 2017 PTA Presidents Round Table/Council Mtg.,  Nominations
April 19, 2017 PTA Pres. Round Table/Council Mtg., Elections/ District Budget Presentation, OHS Cafeteria
May 2, 2017 BOE Candidates Meet and Greet, if needed  
May 2, 2017 District-Wide Shared Decision Making Team Elections  
June 1, 2017 PTA Council Awards/Installation Dinner, 7 pm  
June 12, 2017 PTA Presidents Round Table Only, 6:30 pm  




President Wendy Swords 547-7607 (C)  
Past President Lynn Woods  528-4972 (C)  
Vice President Patricia Abela 917-991-4001 (C)  
Corresponding Secretary Kathy Steiger 594-1870 (H)  
Recording Secretary Jennifer Carboy 547-5880 (C)  
Treasurer Anna Greco 764-3853 (H)  
Teacher Advisors Michael DeMarco  678-8520
  Frank Rugolo 678-7527
Counselor Allison Glickman-Rogers  678-8518
Advisor Dr. Phyllis Harrington  678-1215
Advocacy/Legislation Gigi Perez 917-627-4527 (C) 
Arts in Education/PARP Sarah Mazeika 305-0326 (C)
BOE Liaison  Lynn Woods  528-4972 (C)
Blood Drive Karen Polito   510-2356 (C)
Buildings & Grounds Laura Lisi  917-562-2147 (C)
Bylaws/Procedures Kathy Steiger 594-1870 (H)
DAWC Jean Nelson 665-9099 (H)
Dawn Delirium Debbie Cohen 766-7923 (H)
Honorary Life    Patricia Abela 917-991-4001 (C)
Nutrition Tammy Livingston 965-0591 (C)
PASS Susanne Cavale  603-1065 (C)
  Herb Pitkowsky 376-7981 (C)
Reflections Kathy Steiger 594-1870 (H)
Scholarship Tara Brasch  263-2261 (C)





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