South Oceanside Elementary PTA

PTA Membership and SEPTA Membership
3210 Oceanside Road
Oceanside, NY 11572 


The goal of the South Oceanside Road School #4 PTA is to offer our members the opportunity to become involved with, and keep informed about, our school community. We also plan various cultural arts programs and activities during the school year to meet the needs of the students in our school.



MEETINGS 2016-2017
All Meetings are held in the cafeteria
September 8, 7pm • October 13, 7pm  
January 12, 7pm • February 16, 7pm • March 14, 7pm 
April 27, 7pm • June 5, 7pm




Meet the Members


President Patricia Abela 917-991-4001 (C)  
Past Co-President Frances Gallin 554-4341 (C)  
1st VP Membership Gina Ricottone 850-0732 (C)  
2nd VP Arts In Ed Christina Varriale 302-3361 (C)  
3rd VP Fundraising Varda Cervone 641-7093 (C)  
Treasurer  Dawn Caputo 841-6449 (C)  
Corresponding Secretary Jennifer Silverstein 606-2842 (C)  
Recording Secretary MaryAnn Monaghan 946-6755 (C)  
Council Delegate Dana Saglembeni 917-734-2300 (C)  
Council Delegate Maria DePace 220-2194 (C)  
Counselor/Principal Joanna Kletter 678-7581
Teacher Delegate Janet Otis 678-7581
Advocacy Jeannine Perez 917-627-4527 (C)
  Brittany Humes 209-7789 (C)
Back to School BBQ  Maria Vitale 322-8010 (C)
  Maria DePace 220-2194 (C)
  Angela Barbato 655-2149 (C)
Blood Drive  Christina Varriale 302-3361 (C)
  Frances Gallin 554-4341 (C)
BOE Liaison Dahlia Evans 637-1766 (C)
Book Fair Viviana Morales 347-256-5884 (C)
  Shari Shapiro 312-1121 (C)
  Maria Vitale 322-8010 (C)
  Frances Galli 554-4341 (C)
Box Tops  Vanessa Julig 384-5224 (C)
  Gina Ricottone 850-0732 (C)
Bulletin Board Brittany Humes 209-7789 (C)
  Tara Lotufo 718-986-8575 (C) 
Bylaws/Procedures  Frances Gallin 554-4341 (C)
Circus Christina Varriale 302-3361 (C)
  Jeannine Perez 917-627-4527 (C)
Comedy Night Brittany Humes 209-7789 (C)
  Dawn Thompson 208-7369 (C)
DAWC  Frances Gallin 554-4341 (C)
Dinner Dance Patricia Abela 917-991-4001 (C)
  Dawn Thompson 208-7369 (C)
  Rachele Maimone 347-596-9193 (C)
Facebook Page Updates Jeannine Perez 917-627-4527 (C)
  Dawn Caputo 841-6449 (C)
Fall Catalogue Gift Wrap Varda Cervone 641-7093 (C) 
Family Fun Night  Rebecca Circo 347-309-9130 (C)
  Dawn Thompson 208-7369 (C)
Field Day Viviana Morales  347-256-5884 (C)
  Brittany Humes 209-7789 (C)
  Maria Vitale 322-8010 (C)
  Frances Gallin 554-4341 (C)
Flag Day  Christina Varriale 302-3361 (C)
  Anthony Varriale 697-8645 (C)
Holiday Boutique Gina Ricottone 850-0732 (C)
  Dana Saglembeni 917-734-2300 (C) 
Hospitality  Rebecca Circo 347-309-9130 (C)
  Helaina Wolkoff 917-670-1950 (C)
Legislation  Dana Saglembeni 917-734-2300 (C)
  Maria Depace 678-2090 (C)
Newsletter  Jennifer Silverstein 606-2842 (C)
  MaryAnn Monaghan 946-6755 (C)
Nutrition Rachel Brosokas 315-4500 (C)
  Vanessa Julig 384-5224 (C)
PARP Maria DePace 678-2090 (C)
  Lorin Luft 633-8852 (C)
  Dana Saglembeni 917-734-2300 (C)
Photo Day Gina Ricottone 850-0732 (C)
  Frances Gallin 554-4341 (C)
  Alexandra Kosokhar 718-669-8635 (C)
Plant Sales Fall/Spring Christina Varriale 302-3361 (C)
  Frances Gallin 554-4341 (C)
  Lisa Keeney 347-255-6234 (C)
  Alexandra Kosokhar 718-669-8635 (C)
PTA Awards Gina Ricottone 850-0732 (C) 
Reflections Brittany Humes 209-7789 (C)
Safety Patrol/Valet Christina Varriale 302-3361 (C)
  Gina Ricottone 850-0732 (C)
Scholarship Fund  Frances Gallin 554-4341 (C)
School #6 Liaison  Christina Varriale 302-3361 (C)
School #9M Liaison Frances Gallin  554-4341 (C)
School Spirit/Apparel  Varda Cervone 641-7093 (C)
  Rebecca Circo 347-309-9130 (C)
  Lorin Luft 633-8852 (C)
School Supply Kits Jennifer Silverstein 606-2842 (C)
SEPTA  Rebecca Circo 347-309-9130 (C)
SDMT  Helaina Wolkoff  917-670-1950 (C) 
  Anthony Varriale 697-8645 (C)
Spring Social Jeannine Perez 917-627-4527 (C)
  Dawn Thompson 208-7369 (C)
  Rachele Maimone 347-596-9193 (C)
Staff Appreciation Lunch Jennifer Silverstein  606-2842 (C)
  MaryAnn Monaghan 946-6755 (C)
  Anna Schmidt 279-7150 (C)
  Alison Krauss 476-7944 (C)
Staff Breakfast Anna Schmidt 279-7150 (C)
  Alison Krauss 476-7944 (C)
Vacation Days Melanie Cohen 347-439-7673 (C)
6th Grade Advisor Jennifer Silverstein 606-2842 (C) 
6th Grade Treasurer Dahlia Evans 637-1766 (C) 




Unless otherwise noted, Round Tables are held at 7 pm in HS
Library. Council Meetings are held at 8 pm in
the HS Library.

MEETINGS 2016-2017
September 12, 2016 PTA Presidents Round Table/Council Meeting  
October 20, 2016 Council Legislation Mtg., OHS Cafeteria, 7:30 pm  
November 15, 2016 PTA Presidents Round Table/Council Meeting  
December 12, 2016 Presidents/Principals Dinner 7 pm  
January 4, 2017 PTA Presidents Round Table/Council Meeting  
February 1, 2017 PTA Presidents Round Table Only  
March 14, 2017 PTA Presidents Round Table/Council Mtg.,  Nominations
April 19, 2017 PTA Pres. Round Table/Council Mtg., Elections/ District Budget Presentation, OHS Cafeteria
May 2, 2017 BOE Candidates Meet and Greet, if needed  
May 2, 2017 District-Wide Shared Decision Making Team Elections  
June 1, 2017 PTA Council Awards/Installation Dinner, 7 pm  
June 12, 2017 PTA Presidents Round Table Only, 6:30 pm  





2016 - 2017 
President Wendy Swords 547-7607 (C)  
Past President Lynn Woods  528-4972 (C)  
Vice President Patricia Abela 917-991-4001 (C)  
Corresponding Secretary Kathy Steiger 594-1870 (H)  
Recording Secretary Jennifer Carboy 547-5880 (C)  
Treasurer Anna Greco 764-3853 (H)  
Teacher Advisors Michael DeMarco  678-8520
  Frank Rugolo 678-7527
Counselor Allison Glickman-Rogers  678-8518
Advisor Dr. Phyllis Harrington  678-1215
Advocacy/Legislation Gigi Perez 917-627-4527 (C) 
Arts in Education/PARP Sarah Mazeika 305-0326 (C)
BOE Liaison  Lynn Woods  528-4972 (C)
Blood Drive Karen Polito   510-2356 (C)
Buildings & Grounds Laura Lisi  917-562-2147 (C)
Bylaws/Procedures Kathy Steiger 594-1870 (H)
DAWC Jean Nelson 665-9099 (H)
Dawn Delirium Debbie Cohen 766-7923 (H)
Honorary Life    Patricia Abela 917-991-4001 (C)
Nutrition Tammy Livingston 965-0591 (C)
PASS Susanne Cavale  603-1065 (C)
  Herb Pitkowsky 376-7981 (C)
Reflections Kathy Steiger 594-1870 (H)
Scholarship Tara Brasch  263-2261 (C)