16-17 CLUB NAME/Advisor/meeting time
AIDS AWARENESS Kerry Figueiredo Monday/2:45 PM S210
ART CLUB Karin Handrakis Tuesday/2:45 PM S123
BEST BUDDIES Dixon/ Garelick/ Giannetta Monday/2:45 PM Cafeteria
BIG BUDDIES  Roslyne Johnson 1st Monday of Month S201
CANCER AWARENESS Alison Gallante Tuesday/2:45 PM N220
CHESS CLUB Andrea Levine Thursday/2:45 PM N117
CLUB X Lisa Mehr/Carol Marano As Announced/2:45 S124
DECA Maria Flood/Michael Lowrey 3rd Wednesday of month/2:45 PM N209
FEMINIST CULTURE CLUB Janet Boyle Thursday/2:45 PM S114
FRESHMAN CLASS/BATTLE Kristen Hohorst As Announced/2:45
GAY/STRAIGHT ALLIANCE. Andrea Levine Tuesday/2:45 PM N117
GAME DESIGN PROGRAMMING Eileen Kelly Monday/2:45 PM S204
GLOBAL VILLAGE CLUB Maureen Bodkin Wedneday/2:45 PM S212
HABITAT FOR HUMANITY Jennifer Smith Monday/2:45 PM N120
INTERACT Annie O'Hara Thursdasy/2:45 PM Café or S138
JUNIOR CLASS/BATTLE Alison Gallante As Announced
KEY CLUB  Jeremy Zylbert/Michelle DeJose Monday/2:45 PM N138
LATINO CULTURE CLUB Carla Stillwell Wednesday/2:45 PM Faculty Café
LAW CLUB Deanna Confredo Monday/2:45 PM S137
LIFE FIT Laura Garelick/Matthew McNally 1X Month Wednesday/2:45 PM  Gym
LITERARY MAGAZINE Audrey Tenenhaus/Irene Kossaris 2X Month Wednesday/2:45 PM S138
MARINE SCIENCE CLUB James Scannell Monday/2:45 PM S219
MATHLETES James Smith Tuesday/2:45 PM N126
MODEL CONGRESS (SCOPE)  Jason Manning/ Michael DeMarco Wednesday/2:45 PM Cafeteria
OCEANSIDE ATHLETIC PRIDE Richard Woods/Jason Manning Thursday/7:00 AM S212
PATRIOTS CLUB Todd Nussen/Carlo Quagliata/J. Nappi Tuesday/2:45 PM N122
PHYSICIANS CLUB Jessica Zima Wednesday/2:45 PM S213
ROBOTICS MatthewSheinkopf/Eileen Kelly Thursday/3:00 PM S130
SADD Annie O'Hara Tuesday/2:45 PM S115
SENIOR CLASS/BATTLE Annie O'Hara As Announced
SIDER PRESS Joe Perri Wednesday/2:45 PM N128
SOPHOMORE CLASS/BATTLE Deanna Confredo As Announced
SPORTNIGHT BLUE Kristen Hohorst/Lisa Comuniello As Announced
SPORTNIGHT WHITE Alison Gallante As Announced
WORLD INTEREST CLUB Talia Madden/ Danielle Block Tuesday/2:45 PM S233
YEARBOOK Gerard Gambardella Club is Full
YOUNG INVESTOR'S CLUB Thomas Grimes Thursday/2:45 PM N209