America’s Hope For The Future Passes Through These Doors

Anyone who walks through the front doors of our school immediately feels the positive energy and exciting climate of our community of learners. School #8 prides itself on the strong communication between student, staff and parent. Each and every day the staff strives to meet the needs of all our students, while, at the same time, maintaining frequent contacts with parents.

It’s only when strong relationships between parents, staff and students take place that a school can reach its potential. With over 520 children registered, the staff takes very seriously the job of educating these very young minds. Outlined on the next couple of pages are just a sampling of the kinds of activities and the experiences our students receive. Of course, our mission statement reflects our deep regard for the pursuit of knowledge by children and adults and our hope that learning will be challenging and rigorous.

To Develop a Safe, Supportive and Challenging Environment For All Students and Teachers; To Learn, Question and Succeed; To Celebrate These Successes; and Encourage Children To Be Lifelong Learners and Thinkers!

Welcome to new and returning members of our 2010/11 School #8 Staff. They will be terrific additions to our exemplary staff:

Megan Mahon (Reading),  Elizabeth Duffy (Reading Recovery), Lauren Keenan (Art),                                                                         Kelly-Anne Gallagher (TA Collaborative grade 1),  Nicole Fetter (TA Collaborative, grade 5),  Nina Toback          (Art), Marlena Frankel (Aide),  Taiz Alexander (Aide), Betty Stracuzzi (Aide)

Celebration of Reading will take place this winter.  The myriad of activities we plan supports the staff’s challenge to instill a love for reading. We have had Community Reading Days, DEAR time, Reading Reunions, Parents As Reading Partners, special displays highlighting favorite children’s books of our parents, and a special famous storyteller to delight our children.  Our celebration of reading is one month of excitement and we thank our PTA, and all of our teachers for the tremendous amount of time they spend on these projects.

The School #8 PTA, as always, continues to be major contributors to our school. PTA is so much a part of our school in all aspects of our programs. There is a wonderful trusting relationship between administration, teachers and PTA. For that I am extremely grateful to our PTA Presidents, Stacey Farber and Shira Schuberg.  They set a wonderful tone and open their arms to all parents and teachers. We continue to enjoy the senior citizen connection with our dear friends Manny and Faith working with teachers and students throughout the week. Our Author Visits, Winter Festival, Book Fair, Holiday Boutique, Plant Sale, Car Wash, Picture Day, Cultural Arts Programs and many more activities demonstrate the PTA’s commitment to enrich our students. In addition, our PTA Traffic Squad continues to offer a great service every morning between 8:05 a.m. and 8:20 a.m. creating a safe drop-off area for students as they arrive to school in the morning. Rain or shine they are outside and they deserve our appreciation.




In addition to the above school-wide events and programs, many other events are planned throughout the year. These include: 

• A Student Drama Club Production
• Artists of the Month
• A New Student Welcome Party
• Curriculum Celebration
• Special Jazz Band Presentations
• A Flag Day Ceremony
• Our Sixth Grade Three Day Trip to Frost Valley
• Book and Plant Sales
• Character Education Activities

* Monthly Morning Meetings

• Concerts
• Art Shows
• Field Days
• Community Service Projects

Our Student Council completes the link of students, parents and staff. Once again, four outstanding officers will be elected President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. These students will be elected in November.

Whether it’s raising money for the community, collecting gently used books for children in need, participating in our penny drives for Island Harvest, or working in conjunction with the Oceanside Federation of Teachers and community groups to collect toys for less fortunate children in our community, our student council learns leadership skills. In addition, our fifth and sixth graders  contribute to our school in a myriad of ways. Students help younger students during various times of the day, greet students at the doors in the morning, escort classes at dismissal, serve as computer assistants, and work in our homework club helping young students. They are truly learning what community service means and they constantly tell me how good it feels to help others.

Our Music, Art and Physical Education programs offer a wide variety of exciting possibilities for our students. Our concerts are outstanding and our groups are continuously growing. Our Field Days are exciting moments our students never forget and look forward to them every spring. Our students have many opportunities to explore their own artistic talents as well as learn about famous artists in our art classes. When they apply their understanding of a famous artist and then explore their own interpretations of the artist the results are breathtaking. I hope you have an opportunity to view our artwork in our school and at the Annual District-Wide Arts Festival.

Technology continues to grow at School #8 with computers, document cameras and Smartboards in all 1st, 2nd, 3rd,  4th, 5th and 6th grade classrooms.    Oceanside School #8 continues to be prepared to meet the challenges of the 21st Century. Our library continues to provide Video Conferencing Technology linking our students with numerous zoos, museums and cultural centers all over the world.  Our new state of the art math program, called Envision Math, balances Smartboard Technology with problem solving computation and higher order thinking skills.   

It does take the whole village to raise the child. School #8 is a living example of all members of the community working together. Together with our Shared Decision Making Team,  Mrs. Laurie Krell, Mrs. Laura Cassar ,  Mrs. Jennifer Cascone (Site based) and our PTA Presidents, Mrs. Stacey Farber and Mrs. Shira Schuberg, we will continue to challenge ourselves everyday with the words inscribed on our front doors.

“America’s Hope For The Future Passes Through These Doors.”