Boardman Elementary PTA
170 Beatrice Avenue
Oceanside, NY 11572


The Boardman Elementary School PTA serves as a cornerstone in the#9E building. Our active group of people work tirelessly to support all school programs and to enhance the education of all children. We strive for better school/home communications and to augment the education process whenever possible. Many of our school programs are a success due to our fundraising efforts. Some of the funds we raise goes to enhance our cultural arts program. We try to expose our children to as many different types of programming as possible. We continually work in conjunction with staff to achieve higher standards, encouraging our students to reach their individual potential both academically and socially. m The parents and staff members of our school know the true meaning of the "home-school" connection.

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MEETINGS 2016/2017
September 16, 8:45 am • October 13, 7:30 pm  
November 18, 8:45 am • January 12, 7:30 pm • February 10, 8:45 am  March 9, 7:30 pm • April 21, 8:45 am • May 18, 7:30 pm 
 May 23, 7 pm Installation Dinner



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Co-Presidents Ellen DeFrancesco 646-373-3097 (C)  
  Amy Vacchio 516-524-5309 (C)  
Past President Lisa Getchell 917-685-8144 (C)  
Cultural Arts Danae Berrio 718-974-1909 (C)  
  Megan Herzog  516-425-9542 (C)  
  Cynthia Silberman-Rosen 516-817-0260 (C)  
Membership Patty Guida 516-382-6118 (C)  
  Julie Calabrese 516-860-7639 (C)  
Recording  Secretary Day Holly Handleman 516-697-2631 (C)  
Recording Secretary Night Abby Spanier 917-750-8635 (C)  
Corresponding Debby Relkin 516-313-0731 (C)
Fundraising Stephanie Sheriff 516-578-3527 (C)  
  Holli Levitt 631-935-3598 (C)  
Council Delegate Henry Luft 917-592-2808 (C)  
  Lisa Getchell 917-685-8144 (C)  
Teacher Delegate Clare Moran 516-678-8510
  Eileen Bensen  
Counselor Josh McPherson 516-678-8510
Apparel Holly Handleman  516-697-2631 (C)
Back-to-School BBQ Robin Evans  718-781-7736 (C)
  Debby Relkin 516-313-0731 (C)
  Julie Calabrese 516-806-7639 (C)
Boardman Observer Ellen and Mark   
  DeFrancesco  646-373-3097 (C)
Board of Education     
   Liaison Henry Luft 917-592-2808 (C)
Book Fair Melissa Caine 516-633-3088 (C)
  Debby Yanover 917-626-2052 (C)
Bulletin Board Christina Perisa 917-515-1185 (C)
  Alison Rubin 917-575-9664 (C)
DAWC Cynthia Silberman-Rosen 516-817-0260 (C)
Field Day Julie Calabrese 516-860-7639 (C)
  Robin Evans 718-781-7736 (C)
Green Team Martha Raimondi 516-508-6844 (C)
  Glynis Hutchinson  516-428-8292 (C)
Holiday Boutique Holli Levitt 631-935-3598 (C)
Hospitality (D) Holly Handleman 516-697-2631 (C)
  (D) Mauri Buonacore  516-521-6871 (C)
  (N) Patty Guida 516-382-6118 (C)
Nutrition Erika Silber 516-255-2023 (H)
PARP Glynis Hutchinson  516-428-8292 (C) 
Picture Day Maria Parrella 516-408-0964 (C)
  Diane Mkrtichian 516-238-2646 (C)
Plant Sale Carla Gutman 516-426-1662 (C)
  Holly Handleman 516-697-2631 (C)
Prime Time/Family     
   Fun & Fitness Susan Keith  914-906-2689 (C)
  Lisa Powers 516-410-2672 (C)
Fall Pumpkin &     
   Mum Event Diane Mkrtichian 516-238-2646 (C)
  Victoria Stornello 718-208-9722 (C)
Reflections Diane Mkrtichian 516-238-2646 (C)
  Alison Rubin 917-575-9664 (C)
School #6 Liaison Ally Chiu 516-608-0604 (H)
SEPTA Elizabeth Beaman 516-458-2222 (C)
SDMT Debby Relkin 516-313-0731 (C)
  Gwen Raphan 516-594-1082 (H)
Advocacy Lisa Mahaffey 516-322-8659 (C)
Staff Recognition Lunch Abby Levitz 516-425-9793 (C)
  Ally Chiu 516-608-0604 (H)
  Jessica Tavella  516-220-7856 (C)
  Martha Raimondi  516-508-6844 (C)
Committee at Large: Carla Gutman 516-426-1662 (C)
  Ally Chiu 516-608-0604 (H)
  Karen Minsky 917-478-1399 (C)
  Cynthia Silberman-Rosen 516-817-0260 (C)
  Stephanie Sheriff 516-578-3527 (C)
  Jessica Krieger  646-201-1049 (C)
  Danae Berrio 718-974-1909 (C)
  Calla Ward 516-640-7404 (C)
Valet Cynthia Silberman-Rosen 516-817-0260 (C)
Sixth Grade Committee    
Chairperson Tina Blake 516-680-7318 (C)
  Michelle Bonura 718-710-1997 (C)
Follies Christina Yovino  516-404-0935 (C)
  Karen Minsky 917-478-1399 (C)
Yearbook Martha Raimondi  516-508-6844 (C)
  Alison Rubin  917-575-9664 (C)
Sixth Grade Day Marni Vesely 516-448-2169 (C)
  Lisa Alongis 646-220-3804 (C)
Pie Sale Linda Levine 516-884-9155 (C)
  Allie Perinchief  516-445-4898 (C)




Unless otherwise noted, Round Tables are held at 7 pm in HS
Library. Council Meetings are held at 8 pm in
the HS Library.




September 12, 2016 PTA Presidents Round Table/Council Meeting  
October 20, 2016 Council Legislation Mtg., OHS Cafeteria, 7:30 pm  
November 15, 2016 PTA Presidents Round Table/Council Meeting  
December 12, 2016 Presidents/Principals Dinner 7 pm  
January 4, 2017 PTA Presidents Round Table/Council Meeting  
February 1, 2017 PTA Presidents Round Table Only  
March 14, 2017 PTA Presidents Round Table/Council Mtg.,  Nominations
April 19, 2017 PTA Pres. Round Table/Council Mtg., Elections/ District Budget Presentation, OHS Cafeteria
May 2, 2017 BOE Candidates Meet and Greet, if needed  
May 2, 2017 District-Wide Shared Decision Making Team Elections  
June 1, 2017 PTA Council Awards/Installation Dinner, 7 pm  
June 12, 2017 PTA Presidents Round Table Only, 6:30 pm  



President Wendy Swords 547-7607 (C)  
Past President Lynn Woods  528-4972 (C)  
Vice President Patricia Abela 917-991-4001 (C)  
Corresponding Secretary Kathy Steiger 594-1870 (H)  
Recording Secretary Jennifer Carboy 547-5880 (C)  
Treasurer Anna Greco 764-3853 (H)  
Teacher Advisors Michael DeMarco  678-8520
  Frank Rugolo 678-7527
Counselor Allison Glickman-Rogers  678-8518
Advisor Dr. Phyllis Harrington  678-1215
Advocacy/Legislation Gigi Perez 917-627-4527 (C) 
Arts in Education/PARP Sarah Mazeika 305-0326 (C)
BOE Liaison  Lynn Woods  528-4972 (C)
Blood Drive Karen Polito   510-2356 (C)
Buildings & Grounds Laura Lisi  917-562-2147 (C)
Bylaws/Procedures Kathy Steiger 594-1870 (H)
DAWC Jean Nelson 665-9099 (H)
Dawn Delirium Debbie Cohen 766-7923 (H)
Honorary Life    Patricia Abela 917-991-4001 (C)
Nutrition Tammy Livingston 965-0591 (C)
PASS Susanne Cavale  603-1065 (C)
  Herb Pitkowsky 376-7981 (C)
Reflections Kathy Steiger 594-1870 (H)
Scholarship Tara Brasch  263-2261 (C)