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Dear 9E Community,

The school year is well underway.  The leaves have changed and there is already a chill in the air.  Our boys and girls have settled into their new classes and grades.  Our Back to School Barbeque was a fun-filled kickoff to the year, followed by a successful Back to School Night.  We’ve had several fantastic morning meetings with many more to come.  In our classrooms, the writing process continues to thrive, along with the other subject areas.  To name a few highlights, our sixth graders are eagerly exploring their Chromebook laptops, our second graders are developing exciting community service projects and our fourth graders are exploring poetry.  It’s hard to believe that we were able to pack so much into a few short months.  Of course, none of this would have been be possible without the hard work of the 9E community, including students, parents and staff.  Thank you for helping to make the start of the year so positive and successful.

Our theme for this year is COMMUNITY.  I’m so thrilled to see how everyone in our school has embraced this theme.  Our goal is for students to participate in initiatives that benefit all levels of our community, including our school, Oceanside and beyond.  At the local level, our K-Kids organized a successful food drive to restock the OCS Food Pantry.  Thank you to everyone who contributed!  Our students supported the global community by participating in the Youth Uplift Challenge.  This fundraiser, sponsored by the Bezos Family Foundation, helps students in poverty-stricken areas around the world gain access to education.  Our Caring Majority Ambassadors organized and promoted this fundraiser.  I’m happy to say that participation was overwhelming!  Throughout the year, we will be exploring additional opportunities to support all levels of our community.

This year, our district is excited to launch the Oceanside Go…Read campaign.  The goal of this worthwhile initiative is to get our boys and girls excited about reading.  Throughout the year, there will be exciting events taking place throughout our community.  In school, we have already begun celebrating the Oceanside Go…Read campaign in fun ways, including a whole-school read aloud at our September morning meeting.  At home, we are encouraging families to read together, often.  Together, we can inspire our young people to become lifelong readers.

There are many wonderful events and initiatives on the horizon.  Our chorus, band, orchestra and jazz band are busy preparing for our concert in December.  Our PTA-sponsored Pick a Reading Partner program will be kicking off in January.  This will be another opportunity to celebrate reading throughout our school.  Our young thespians are rehearsing weekly to prepare for our debut of Peter Pan in March.

As the year continues, I ask everyone to keep our school’s mission and vision at the forefront of your minds.  These words continue to guide everything we do at 9E.

Mission- The mission of Boardman 9E is to educate students in a fun, bully-free environment that values perseverance, respect for others and a genuine love of learning.

Vision- Boardman 9E is a welcoming environment that is creative, caring, safe and inclusive, where we cultivate a foundation for lifelong success.

Thank you again for all of your contributions to our school.  With your ongoing support, our school community will continue to accomplish great things.

  1. J. McPherson