Oceanside Middle School PTA
186 Alice Avenue
Oceanside, NY 11572


All PTA’s work towards increasing parent involvement and we the parents of the Oceanside Middle School intend to continue in this effort. Parent involvement has proven to enhance the education of our children.

One of our major goals this year has been community service and involvement. Now that the children are in the Middle school, they can assist in an effort to better the community they live in. Helping others can only serve to enrich our childrens lives. The hopes and dreams of all our Middle school children can be a very effective force in making our community a better place to live. Through the dream of one student, eighth grader Ryan Juliano, the participation of the entire middle school community in the “Make a Wish” foundation became a reality. Beginning in October donation containers began circulating the school. Before long the entire student body, school staff and PTA were joining in Ryan’s dream to make the wish of a terminally ill child a reality. This is but one example of the many ways our student body and PTA work together to best serve the middle school community.

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MEETINGS 2016-2017

*All Meetings held in OMS Library

September 15, 7:30pm • October 21, 7:30pm 
November 10, 1pm • January 20, 1pm  
March 23, NOMINATIONS, 7:30pm  
April 20, ELECTIONS, 7:30pm • June 6, 1pm 




Co-Presidents Maria Capone 205-3175 (C)  
  Dina Ambrosecchia 851-0088 (C)  
Past President Wendy Swords 547-7607 (C)  
1st VP Membership Rosemaria Prendergast 996-5191 (C)  
2nd VP Arts in Ed Tricia Powers 763-5108 (H)  
3rd VP Fundraising Frances Gallin 554-4341(C)  
Treasurer Melissa Murphy 678-6032 (H)  
Recording Secretary Kristen Nestico 678-3840 (H)  
Corresponding Secretary Herbert Pitkowsky 376-7981(C)  
Delegates to Council Michele Pitkowsky 317-9732 (C)  
  Carmen DeMauro 917-747-5329 (C)  
Teacher Delegates Sofia Voutsinas 678-8518  
Counselor Allison Glickman-Rogers 678-8518  
Board of Education Herb Pitkowsky 376-7981 (C)
Book Fairs Kim Poplawski  808-3781 (C)
  Michelle Tonzi 917-597-4866 (C)
Clothes Drive Maria Capone 764-0095 (H)
DAWC Jean Rose 917-293-6535 (C)
  Herb Pitkowsky 376-7981 (C)
FMST Day Kelly Herzog 917-670-1306 (C)
  Jennifer Berkowitz 705-0867 (C)
  Beth Ringhauser 536-0250 (H)
  Nadia Zeejah 208-5454 (C)
Holiday Vendor Day Tara Brasch 263-2261 (C)
  Michelle Antonucci 749-6705 (C)
Hospitality Coordinator Dina Ambrosecchia 851-0088 (C)
Legislation/Advocacy Jean Nelson 220-5011(C)
  Amy Abbey 255-5577 (H)
Magazine Drive Sue Cinetti 984-7069 (C)
  Maria Capone 764-0095 (H)
  Frances Gallin 554-4341 (C)
Newsletter  Greg Rubin 967-5675 (C)
Nutrition Laura Koss-Feder 678-4641 (H)
OHS Liason Amy Abbey 255-5577 (H)
  Herbert Pitkowsky 376-7981 (C)
OMS Apparel Michelle Ebel 770-4405 (C)
  Lisa-Ann Murray 996-4552 (C)
  Keri Helder 766-0716 (H)
  Ivy Capitelli 631-235-9030 (C)
PASS Monica Bouderau 594-2920 (H)
  Herb Pitkowsky 376-7981 (C)
Pie Drive Michele Pitkowsky 317-9732 (C)
  Rosemarie Prendergast 996-5191 (C)
Pretzel/Bake Sales Michele Pitkowsky 317-9732 (C)
  Carmen DeMauro 917-747-5329 (C)
Reflections TBA  
Scholarship Robin Esposito 398-6967 (C)
  Tara Brasch 263-2261 (C)
SEPTA Liaison Dina Ambrosecchia 851-0088 (C)
SDMT Parent Reps Laura Lisi 536-3825 (C)
      Robyn Freiman 316-6758 (C)
  Debbie Schneider 455-9417 (C)
Spirit Wear/Week Sue Cinetti 984-7069 (C)
  Maria Capone 764-0095 (H)
  Tara Brasch 263-2261 (C)
  Frances Gallin 554-4341 (C)
Staff Appreciation Jean Nelson 220-5011 (C)
     Luncheon Debbie Schreider 455-9417 (C)
  Rosemaria Prendergast 996-5191 (C)
Teachers Challenge Frances Gallin 554-4341 (C)
  Carmen DeMauro 917-747-5329 (C)
Yankee Candle Sale Tara Brasch 263-2261 (C)
  Stacey Mainland 428-7532 (C)
Volunteer Coordinator Carmen De Mauro 917-747-5329 (C)
8th Grade Day Kim Poplawski 808-3781 (C)
  Rosemaria Prendergast 996-5191 (C)
  Michelle Tonzi 917-597-4866 (C)
  Susan Cinetti 984-7069 (C)
Committee At Large Susan Cinetti 984-7069 (C)
  Sara Moy 992-1747 (H)
  Evelyn Lypnik 347-604-1990 (C)
  Carla Gutman 665-2980 (H)
  Shari Weiss  
  Debbie Schreider 455-9417 (C)
  Keri Helder 766-0716 (H)
  Holly Handleman 697-2631 (C)
  Herbert Pitkowsky 376-7981 (C)
  Lisa-Ann Murray 996-4552 (C)
  Carman DeMauro 917-747-5329 (C)
  Rosemarie Prendergast 996-5191 (C)
  Tara Brasch 263-2261 (C)
  Winoska Calderon 852-2278 (C



Unless otherwise noted, Round Tables are held at 7 pm in HS
Library. Council Meetings are held at 8 pm in
the HS Library




September 12, 2016 PTA Presidents Round Table/Council Meeting  
October 20, 2016 Council Legislation Mtg., OHS Cafeteria, 7:30 pm  
November 15, 2016 PTA Presidents Round Table/Council Meeting  
December 12, 2016 Presidents/Principals Dinner 7 pm  
January 4, 2017 PTA Presidents Round Table/Council Meeting  
February 1, 2017 PTA Presidents Round Table Only  
March 14, 2017 PTA Presidents Round Table/Council Mtg.,  Nominations
April 19, 2017 PTA Pres. Round Table/Council Mtg., Elections/ District Budget Presentation, OHS Cafeteria
May 2, 2017 BOE Candidates Meet and Greet, if needed  
May 2, 2017 District-Wide Shared Decision Making Team Elections  
June 1, 2017 PTA Council Awards/Installation Dinner, 7 pm  
June 12, 2017 PTA Presidents Round Table Only, 6:30 pm  


President Wendy Swords 547-7607 (C)  
Past President Lynn Woods  528-4972 (C)  
Vice President Patricia Abela 917-991-4001 (C)  
Corresponding Secretary Kathy Steiger 594-1870 (H)  
Recording Secretary Jennifer Carboy 547-5880 (C)  
Treasurer Anna Greco 764-3853 (H)  
Teacher Advisors Michael DeMarco  678-8520
  Frank Rugolo 678-7527
Counselor Allison Glickman-Rogers  678-8518
Advisor Dr. Phyllis Harrington  678-1215
Advocacy/Legislation Gigi Perez 917-627-4527 (C) 
Arts in Education/PARP Sarah Mazeika 305-0326 (C)
BOE Liaison  Lynn Woods  528-4972 (C)
Blood Drive Karen Polito   510-2356 (C)
Buildings & Grounds Laura Lisi  917-562-2147 (C)
Bylaws/Procedures Kathy Steiger 594-1870 (H)
DAWC Jean Nelson 665-9099 (H)
Dawn Delirium Debbie Cohen 766-7923 (H)
Honorary Life    Patricia Abela 917-991-4001 (C)
Nutrition Tammy Livingston 965-0591 (C)
PASS Susanne Cavale  603-1065 (C)
  Herb Pitkowsky 376-7981 (C)
Reflections Kathy Steiger 594-1870 (H)
Scholarship Tara Brasch  263-2261 (C)