The mission of Oceanside Middle School is to create a safe and challenging learning environment in which the entire school community addresses the unique needs of the early adolescent and inspires each individual to develop academic, social, and emotional competence and confidence in order to become productive citizens in our global society.


Oceanside Middle School is a school in which:

The instructional techniques and processes used by the Middle School teachers capitalize on both the developmental and individual needs of their students. In accordance with the Regents Policy Statement on Middle Level Education, teachers at the Middle School:

Oceanside Middle School, its program and organization is held in high regard by the New York State Education Department and by the community of middle schools.

During the l986-1987 school year, Oceanside Middle School was one of the middle level schools selected for recognition as a School of Excellence by New York State and was nominated as such to the United States and was nominated as such to the United States Department of Education.

In 1990, Oceanside Middle School was accepted as a Challenge School in New York State's Regents Challenge Program.

Oceanside Middle School is cited in five areas in Promising Programs and Practices in Middle level Education, published by the State Education Department in 1990.

Oceanside Middle School staff and administrators have presented workshops at curriculum conferences as well as at conferences on topics of middle level education.

In 1990, the principal was nominated by the Superintendent of Schools to serve as one of the middle level liaisons now networked throughout the State. This direct link to Dr. David Payton and the State Education Department has served to enable the district to remain in the forefront of middle level education.

The faculty and staff at Oceanside Middle School are committed to turning research into practice. Middle school students stay with their team of teachers for two years creating long-term relationships which increase learning time for our students. The organizational plan is congruent with the work of Dr. Paul George, from the University of Florida at Gainesville, and Dr. Conrad Toepfer, professor of educational administration at the University of Buffalo.

For the past several years, Oceanside Middle School has been cited for its work in community service -- specifically, for the Muscular Dystrophy Association, Make-A-Wish Foundation and Ronald McDonald House.

As has been previously cited, students at Oceanside Middle School have earned distinctions for their academic achievement in the many contests and competitions in which we have and continue to participate.

Oceanside Middle School has been visited by staff from a number of other middle schools who have heard or read of our program and/or our organization.

The Oceanside community can and should be justifiably proud of the Middle School -- its program, organization, staff and students.