The program at the Oceanside Middle School is designed to develop an awareness of physical and life sciences and to nurture curiosity about the natural world. Curriculum is aligned with the science content and process skills outlined in the New York State Department of Education MST Standards as well as district, school and department goals in order for students to attain the necessary background to participate successfully in our highly scientific and technological society.


Teaching is consistent with the nature of scientific inquiry. Complex ideas are presented simply, developed logically, and are reinforced when students engage in hands-on, problem-solving investigations in the laboratory environment. Teachers focus instruction on understanding important relationships, processes, and applications of concepts through the use of "key ideas" and "essential questions". Opportunities to connect the classroom to the real-world are provided through field trips and speakers.


Assessments test students' ability to explain, analyze, and interpret scientific processes and phenomena as well as their ability to recall specific facts. Strategies include tests, lab reports, performance based assessment, research projects, multi-media presentations, and class discussions.








This is a high school equivalent course carrying one unit of credit. This program will enable the student to explain, both accurately and with appropriate depth, the most important ideas about our living environment. As a prerequisite for admission to the regents examination, each student must successfully complete 1200 minutes of laboratory experience, including the four NYS mandated labs, with satisfactory written reports for each laboratory investigation.

Student achievement will be constantly monitored. An average of 85 must be maintained throughout the year. Parent conferences are made when a student's success in is jeopardy. Considerations are given toward the removal of the student who fails to meet the established standards of the course. Selection is based upon the overall evaluation of the student based upon the student's standardized test scores in reading and mathematics, seventh grade evaluations, and the science teacher's recommendation.




Students who demonstrate a strong interest in science research may be recommended for the course by their science or Project Extra/Discovery teacher. During this course, which meets every other day, students will learn how to conduct science research and will begin to develop an in-depth research project. They will participate in the Oceanside Middle School Science Fair and have an opportunity to compete in regional science fairs.