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Welcome to Oceanside Middle School

Oceanside Middle School is one of the finest middle schools in the state.  Our integrated writing program was recently recognized by the New York State English Council as a Program of Excellence. At OMS we employ a genuine middle school philosophy which reflects the academic, social, and emotional needs of adolescents. 

Our middle school staff takes great pride in providing a challenging and developmentally appropriate education for adolescent learners.  We are proud of the many opportunities our students have to explore their interests and demonstrate their talents.  We offer a great variety of clubs, interscholastic sports, and other school-wide activities that provide our students with a sense of belonging. 

At OMS we truly value our home-school partnership and recognize the significance of this relationship for student success.  I urge you to join PTA and take advantage of opportunities to learn about our school and how you can best support and meet your child’s needs during adolescence.  Please visit the following link to a brochure with descriptions and dates for Middle School Parent Academy Workshops as well as dates for Middle School Principal Teas.

Our priority at the middle school is to provide students with a safe and supportive learning environment.  We encourage all students to understand their role in contributing to such a positive school culture.  We remind students to “Be Safe. Be Responsible. Be Respectful.”

Please take the time to explore our school website and the many resources our district offers in order to make the middle school experience a happy and positive one.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. I can be reached at 678-8518 or by email at