Camp Invention


Camp Invention 2018 Program 

FAST FORWARD…Invent the Future Today!

(For Oceanside School District Residents Entering Grades 1-6. Scroll down for information on how residents entering grades 7-9 can become CITs).

Let’s invent the future today!  Fast Forward to Camp Invention’s NEW 2018 program where campers will explore with fun, hands-on activities that encourage creative problem solving, teamwork, entrepreneurship and curiosity.  At the end of the program, each camper will bring home two personalized robots!  This summer’s modules will be: Optibot™, Robotic Pet Vet™, Mod My Mini Mansion™ & Stick To It.

Camp Invention runs for one week beginning August 13, from 9 am to 3:30 pm, in partnership with the Oceanside Department of Community Activities.