A New OSD Go…Read Challenge for A New Year!

pictures of book covers

So many books, so little time! Here to help you make the best use of your/your family’s time to read is OSD Go…Read 2.0 aka The Sequel. We’ve already covered sequels (and prequels and trilogies and….) so this time around, we’re thinking about different ways to approach the vast possibilities of what to read. For January, the challenge is to choose a classic … and then, score bonus points by reading a re-telling/reinvention, too. Classics don’t have to be old and dusty (though we do love old books, too) just well-read and beloved by many.

Here to get you started is a blog post on six young adult (YA) retellings of classics. Don’t worry, we’ll have you covered on Twitter @osdgoread with more suggestions for readers of all ages. Ready? Let’s Go…Read!

Click the 2018 Reading Challenges list below for suggestions to curate the rest of the school year.


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