Oceanside School District

Goals & Objectives



GOAL 1:  To review programs, curriculum/instructional strategies, and assessment tools in order to evaluate and improve the achievement of students with different ability levels as they work to achieve the learning standards.


Objective 1:  To continue to implement our K-6 ELA reading program, Reading Street, which focuses on the Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS) by emphasizing the role of the small-group instructional model, as well as to continue our efforts to derive meaning from the data collected from weekly assessments.


Objective 2:  To continue to align our curriculum with the CCLS by adopting new programs in math (grades 6, 7 and 8) and ELA (grades 7 and 8) and to ensure the appropriate staff development for their successful implementation.


Objective 3:  To continue to align our curriculum at the high school level with the CCLS and to ensure the appropriate staff development for successful implementation.


Objective 4:  To enhance the communication between school and families by utilizing our new elementary report card, which will serve as a vehicle for communicating the expectations of the CCLS as well as our students’ progress in achieving these standards.


Objective 5:  To examine the impact of expanded instructional time in the Algebra2/Trigonometry program at the high school on the success rate of students in that program.


Objective 6:  To monitor the impact of the “hope and grit” program on all students at Oceanside High School Castleton, particularly including the newly-added freshman class.



GOAL 2:  To increase the use of technology as an enhancement to student learning.


Objective 1:  To implement the use of iPads for all students in the middle school in an effort to harness the power of this instructional technology for all of our students, as well as to begin the process for iPad use at the high school level during the 2014-15 school year.


Objective 2: To expand the use of technology through the use of the iPad for students with disabilities.



GOAL 3:  To evaluate current systems of communication with parents, students, community members, faculty and staff in order to increase effectiveness and efficiency.


Objective 1:  To analyze the quantity and quality of School Messenger messages to evaluate its use and effectiveness.


Objective 2:  To expand access to NAVIANCE as a tool for post-secondary planning and platform for increasing college and career readiness.


Objective 3:  To update the district website to include a monthly Superintendent’s Message as well as ongoing, fluid information.


Objective 4:  To enhance communication regarding student academic progress with parents by piloting the use of the Infinite Campus Parent Portal grade book at the secondary level.


Objective 5:  To analyze the appropriate and timely use of email as a form of correspondence to all constituents.


Objective 6:  To ensure the continued value of district newsletters as a primary source of information.



GOAL 4:  To continue to develop a wellness program that addresses and promotes healthy options in terms of nutritional, physical, and emotional development for all students.


Objective 1:  To enhance and expand programs that focus on addressing the risky behaviors of drug and alcohol use among our students by continuing our efforts to build community support and participation in the activities of the Drug Advisory Wellness Council (DAWC).


Objective 2:  To ensure the continued implementation of our Social and Emotional Literacy program (SEL) by providing parent training in the creation of Family Charters, alignment of the SEL Feeling Words to our Reading Street ELA program at the elementary level, and the integration of the SEL Feeling Words in the middle school’s social studies curriculum.


Objective 3:  To continue to ensure that the components of the Dignity For All Students Act (DASA), including the new cyber-bullying and reporting components, are implemented.



GOAL 5: To ensure that our facilities are adequate to meet the needs of all students.


Objective 1: To continue to monitor all capital construction projects.


Objective 2: To continue to provide all stakeholders with timely and appropriate information about the initiation and ongoing progress of all capital projects.


Objective 3: To explore a bond issue during the 2013-2014 school year which will accelerate capital projects and that will take advantage of very favorable interest rates.