Dr. Zirogiannis Award

Dr. Zirogiannis has transformed the landscape of the school district and our local community  in a number of ways. She has most recently been involved in programs such as OSD Go...Read (created alongside Mrs. Diane Provvido and Mrs. Jessica Keegan).  OSD Go‚ĶRead offers engaging activities to build a love of reading and a love of books through hidden book scavenger hunts, monthly reading challenges, Google Hangouts story-time with administrators reading to students at home, Parked Carpool Karaoke, One Book/One School, and community-wide reading selections.  Dr. Zirogiannis was also instrumental in working with Oceanside administrators and teachers in developing this year's OceansideX conference day event. The Oceanside TED-style event inspired more than 600 educators to share ideas and participate in hands-on workshops to enhance their teaching practice.  

Dr. Zirogiannis has over the years challenged teachers and colleagues to provide a meaningful and authentic educational experience for students, which is best exemplified by the rigorous and engaging programs she has helped to create, such as Senior Seminar, as well as major curriculum revisions she has been involved in to help raise the level of student performance. This is also evident from the unique professional learning opportunities she has collaborated on  such as the Teach Teams Choose Your Own Adventure Plan, her Passion PD, and her interdepartmental collegial circle. 

Dr. Zirogiannis continues to stay on the cutting edge of educational research, attends and presents at conferences at the local and state level, and has been published several times in educational publications.