Science Teachers Association Announces Anton Banko Award to OSD Teacher




STEM Facilitator Donna Migdol, who conducts lessons exploring science and engineering in classrooms districtwide, has been named the 2019 Anton Banko Award recipient for Excellence in Elementary Science Teaching by the Science Teachers Association of New York State (STANYS). The Anton Banko Award is named for the engineer who developed the first automated instruments and procedures used for intraoccular microsurgery, which are still in use today. 

Ms. Migdol rotates throughout classrooms districtwide, guiding children to conduct experiments in rollercoaster physics, electromagnetic energy, and flight, among others. The lessons demonstrate how science, technology, engineering, and mathematics intersect to innovate and solve problems. Students learn about biomimicry (see examples), Newton's laws of motion, how electricity works, and more. Among the most important skills is the scientific method of questioning, developing and testing hypotheses to analyze results and form conclusions.

Ms. Migdol has presented in Albany and at the National Science Foundation in Washington, DC, as well as being published in important education journals. She has also been filmed by WNET and Teacher NET.

donna migdol at STANYS conference receiving award