Oh The Places We'll Go! (And The Goals to Get Us There)




Everything we do begins with a dream and an unshakeable core belief about educating our community's children.

Some dreams have come to us directly from student requests.
Other times, a dream arises from parent/community feedback and of course there are many, many conversations among administrators and staff that manifest from wishes to goals to action. We wish we could say all of that input goes into a boiling pot that we stir, wave a magic wand over and out come our annual goals. The actual process is far less picturesque. It's a great deal of work among a group of dedicated educators and well worth the effort.  There's always so much we want to accomplish!

We're going to highlight specific goals throughout the school year by tying them to our student and district success stories. Our first story is already in the works and we can't wait to share it with you! It's based on one of our most important student-centered goals and the students are on fire with it. It's students leading with their teachers and administrators supporting them all the way. We're thrilled to see where they take it so stay tuned for that story to appear a few weeks after the school year starts. 

Our goals stories will appear under the Oh The Places We'll Go (And The Goals to Get Us There) banner and you'll see them here on the website, in our newsletter that is mailed to every address within the school district, and in the pages of the Oceanside/Island Park Herald. We'll also be talking about them on our Twitter feed (twitter.com/OSchoolsPR) so if you're not already following us on Twitter, please join us!             LINK TO GOALS

students making boats in camp invention