First Oceanside High School Book Fair Exceeds Goals




It was so unusual for a high school to host a book fair that Scholastic set the sales bar low. OHS vastly exceeded the goal. In fact, the high school's total sales exceeded the projection by nearly four times, proving that #booklove is indeed alive and well in Oceanside! It's all a matter of presenting books that students will want to read.

Vicky Lin, a junior, said that in middle school she liked reading supernatural and paranormal fiction and now enjoys both fiction and non-fiction that illuminate mental health issues. Issa Yavuz, a sophmore, had a one-word answer to what he likes to read about:  "Sports."  Classmate Stephen Dagger agreed. "Sports and video games."  

Interviewer:  "Any fiction?" 

Stephen:  "Maybe."  <<< Which means that hosting a book fair might encourage students to read what they enjoy as a bridge to possible new topics and genres. Stay tuned for next year....

OHS English teachers, librarian and parent volunteers gather in the library for the book fair.

teachers and volunteers from ohs book fair posed in library