Oaks School #3 Mission Statement

Oaks School #3
Mission Statement

At Oaks School #3, we believe that each child is a valued and unique individual. We believe that our educational process is student-centered and best achieved by an active partnership involving the entire School #3 educational community.

We believe that each child has the right to be respected for their differences and celebrated for their individuality. Our students are expected to value and respect themselves, while learning to understand, appreciate and accept the differences in others.

We are responsible for providing a rigorous educational experience for all students, while meeting their individual learning needs and maximizing their potential. It is also our responsibility to challenge students to recognize their endless possibilities.

We want each child to be physically, emotionally and socially safe. We want them to embrace the love, joy, and value of education. We envision a school that is positive and purposeful, which promotes a caring and productive environment for all. We believe that each child can develop the confidence, skills, and interests to become a responsible citizens and life-long learner.

We believe all nurtured tiny acorns can become mighty Oaks!