Pre-K Through Grade Six Students to Design Safety Campaign Posters

The districtwide Driver and Pedestrian Safety campaign launched today with a Public Service Announcement created by and featuring high school students with suggestions on how drivers and pedestrians can be more safety conscious. After watching the video, students in grades pre-k through 6 are encouraged to create posters (materials supplied) that OHS students will hang all over town on October 30. Director of Social Studies Mitch Bickman, who coordinated the campaign, said that this is an effort to not only improve safety but to take social studies education out from the four walls of the classroom and into students’ lives.

“We want students to know that being an informed and engaged citizen is what social studies is all about and that each person can make a difference,” Mr. Bickman said.

Watch the #OSDSailorSafety PSA here

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#3 students brainstorm driver/pedestrian safety ideas

Fifth graders at School #3 brainstormed safety campaign slogan ideas after watching an OHS-made student Public Service Announcement.


clip from youtube video PSA by OHS students

A clip from the OHS Driver/Pedestrian Safety PSA