From the Principal’s Desk

Mrs. Kletter

Experiential Knowledge & Summer Travels

July 2017

Nick from Zootopia plushWhen speaking to groups of parents, I often speak  about the knowledge children gain from experience.  Experiential knowledge grows when children are playing in the backyard making-up rules to a game they create or when digging up earthworms and examining their wiggly bodies.  Everyday of your child’s life he or she gains knowledge from every minute.  The same is true for family vacations.  What do you hope your child will gain from family vacations?  Social knowledge by interacting with extended family, cousins, or friends; a knowledge of self as he/she boogie boards, snorkels, or challenges him/herself in a new way; academic knowledge of history, our world, and beyond?


The Kletters are embarking on our first ever RV trip from our home on Long Island to Yellowstone National Park.  We will be visiting Mount Rushmore, the Badlands, and more.  Nick, the stuffed animal below will be joining us.  To embed further learning into the experience for my children and to bring my School #4 children on the adventure, we will be chronicling the trip on Twitter.  My goal is to expose our children to the beauty in our great country, inspire interests in topics they may wish to learn more about, and to increase their knowledge of our nation’s history.


I hope you will come along for the ride by following these simple steps.  


  1. Sign-up for Twitter (download the App to your phone)
  2. In the Search box, search for @OSchool4, to see new posts each day or
  3. In the Search box, search #sch4FOLLOWnick to see all of the related posts in one thread.





We will be staying at campgrounds each night ranging in amenities, so please be patient if there is not a new post everyday.  We are heading out July 25 for two weeks!!!  Wish us luck!!!