School Mission & Charter

School #8 Mission Statement:

To Develop a Safe, Supportive and Challenging Environment For All Students and Teachers; To Learn, Question and Succeed; To Celebrate These Successes; and Encourage Children To Be Lifelong Learners and Thinkers!

School #8 Student Charter

School #8 Students outside with Principal Storch

We the students of Fulton Avenue School #8 want to feel welcome, safe, respected, confident and happy.


In order to achieve these feelings, we will treat other people the way that we want to be treated, we will work together as a team, we will talk out our problems, we will include everybody, we will not bully, and we will cheer people on.


We will handle uncomfortable situations by stayling calm, by talking to a trusted person, by being an upstander, by talking it out.


By doing all this, we will create a positive learning environment, that is safe, peaceful, caring, and educational.