Freshman Orientation

Dear Parent/Guardian:

This September, your child will become a student at Oceanside High School. In an effort to ensure that your child has a successful transition to the high school, we have planned a Ninth Grade Orientation for Friday, August 24th. This program will give students an opportunity to work with their Guidance Counselors, Teachers, student volunteers and fellow classmates to learn about the high school. A variety of fun, well organized activities have been developed to assist the students as they begin their transition. They include:

  • Ice Breakers/Rapport Building Activities
  • Discussions and activities with staff and peer mentors
  • Tour of school and facilities
  • Planning of long and short term goals
  • Barbeque picnic
  • ID cards, Locker
  • Assignments and Schedules will be distributed and discussed

Your child will be asked to report to the high school at his/her assigned time. At that time, he/she
will be directed to the appropriate classroom for activities, ending with a picnic lunch.

We look forward to this event as well as the 2018/2019 school year and are very excited to work with you and your child. Should there be any questions, please feel free to contact a high school representative at 678-7526.