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The History of Oceanside

Editor's note: this is a site in development--not all aspects are ready or complete -
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The Oceanside Education Foundation is proud to present the History of Oceanside. We are indebted to the leaders of our community who took the time and effort over the last century to document the history of our town. We are attempting to make their work accessible to all, while enhancing their works with the tools available to us in the age of the Internet.

Oceanside may exist next to the sea, but it is not an island. We have attempted to incorporate in this history a sense of what was going on in the world, to give the student an idea of the forces outside Oceanside which influenced our forefathers (and foremothers).

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There is no question that this site would have been impossible except for the works of these wonderful Oceansiders: Dr. Walter Boardman who, in 1960, wrote "the History of Oceanside"; Mrs. Frances Weaver Heinley who wrote the unbelievably detailed "A History of the White Man in that Portion of the Town of Hempstead Known as Oceanside" in 1937; and Mr. George Lascher who wrote "The History of the Oceanside Public Schools; Fifty Years of Progress, 1900-1949". Their works will be available, in their entirety, on this site.

Dr. Boardman's book, lovingly reproduced with photographs and more, is available through our Bookstore.

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You can explore the history of Oceanside in different ways!

"Timeline" will give you a tour through Oceanside's history in more or less time order.

Within the text you will find several symbols:

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