SEPTA (Special Education Parent Teacher Association)

145 Merle Ave, Oceanside NY 11572

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What is Oceanside SEPTA?

Oceanside SEPTA (the Special Education Parent Teacher Association) is an organization whose members include: parents, caregivers, teachers, and therapists of exceptional children as well as other staff and members of the Oceanside School community.  We sponsor workshops, speakers and events about a variety of issues and concerns of exceptional students and their families and their inclusion in our community. We keep abreast of recent educational legislation that affects our students.  Anyone connected to the Oceanside school district is encouraged to join.


Our mission is to provide a resource for information applicable to a wide variety of exceptional children through presentations, workshops and the Internet; to improve communication between parents, school staff and administration; to be involved in decisions affecting exceptional children in the school community; and to educate and sensitize the Oceanside School community to children who are differently-abled.


Oceanside SEPTA has a resource library, of books, DVD’s and videos about many subjects ranging from Special Education to therapy and Gifted Education, located in the district office.  Anyone connected to the Oceanside school district is encouraged to join. Visit our website at to access information and connect with other parents and teachers through our bulletin board.



President                                                                  Maureen Greco-Blois     516-298-2675 (C)
Past PresidentJennifer Carboy516-547-5880 (C)
Vice President / Ways and MeansPatricia Villella917-279-7380 
Vice President /MembershipMark Simshauser 
Treasurer                                                          Olga Gaccione        516-850-4426
Recording SecretaryStacy Lanzetta                                     
Corresponding SecretaryElisa Berman917-716-6884  
AdvisorDebra Kienke678-7551(W) 
Teacher Delegates:  
   Middle Schooltba 
   High Schooltba