Uncovering Little Kids’ Big Ideas at School #3

What is bravery? Is it the same as being fearless? How do you look when you are brave? Are people who are brave like that all the time?

These and other questions were the topic of discussion when Oceanside High School’s 10th grade Integrated Program students visited School #3 earlier this week to talk about Frog, Toad and the nature of courage. The program is called Big Ideas for Little Kids and is based on the work of Mount Holyoke Professor Thomas Wartenburg. Over the past several years, Big Ideas sessions have taken place in every elementary school and in kindergarten. This week, students in Ms. Dawn Sharpe’s class had a great deal to say about Frog and Toad and their own experiences with bravery.

“Even if you’re afraid, you might want to stand up,” said Charlotte Griffiths. “I say, ‘go for it.’ Let your inner self blast out.”

10th graders and elementary students discuss Frog and Toad