Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction & Research


Mrs. Diane Provvido
Assistant Superintendent for
Curriculum, Instruction & Research                       


Dear Oceanside Families and Community Members,

The Oceanside School District is committed to cultivating warm and inviting schools. Our exceptional administrators and faculty work together to bring innovative opportunities and rich curriculum to our students so that they will realize their interests and develop into well rounded individuals and lifelong learners.

Curriculum and instruction is often seen simply as a course of study. Our educators recognize that it is much more than that. At the foundation of effective instruction is a deep understanding of how students learn best and what methods and practices support their growth. Our teachers are consistently involved in professional learning that allows them to think about their practice and refine curriculum and lesson plans.

As a result, our classrooms are places where learning is active. Students are collaborating, conversing, problem solving, and accessing and analyzing information. We infuse technology to deepen and enhance the learning, and to connect students to the cultures, natural environments, and people of the world. To illustrate, here are a few examples: students participate in global book talks with peers via Skype; they design video games, websites, and applications through coding and computer science; and participate in live global business simulations through our High School Virtual Enterprise course.

A well rounded education encompasses the Fine and Performing Arts, Physical Education and Athletics, and Social Emotional Literacy. You can count on a wide and varied educational program for your children in these areas. In particular, this year we will continue the good work of aligning our already strong health and wellness programs to the new NYS Mental Health Guidelines. Without question, a healthy body and mind is key to student success.

We are proud of the learning experiences that take place every day in our Pre K-12 classrooms and are steadfast in our efforts to remain at the forefront of educational excellence. We recognize that the more informed you are about what and how your children are learning, the better prepared you will be to guide and support them throughout their school experiences. It remains a priority for us to foster positive partnerships and find different ways to share this information with you. This will include continuing to design offerings that provide information on current educational and parenting topics via our OSD Parent University program.

Each year, we establish exciting goals and objectives for our curriculum and instruction and this year is no different. I hope that you will take a look at the Goals and Objectives section of our website to learn more.

I look forward to another year of collaborating with our leaders, teachers, and you to ensure our students thrive and reach their greatest potential!

Warmest regards,
Diane Provvido
Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction & Research