Safety, Health & Wellness

The Drug Advisory/Wellness Council acts in a regional advisory capacity on drug prevention and education. The council is comprised of students, staff, parents and members of the community. Their purpose is to encourage the coordination of drug and alcohol abuse education materials and prevention programs within the district.

Dear Community Member:

It is with great enthusiasm that we share this informative and educational resource with you. The Oceanside School District has a commitment to building and preserving a healthy vital community. This booklet is filled with valuable information that we believe will be of assistance to you as you raise your children during these times.

This guide will help you better understand the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse, as well as provide support, guidance, and resources as necessary. We have witnessed far too many children, adults, and families whose lives have been devastated by drug and alcohol abuse. The pages of this book will also provide educational facts about drug and alcohol abuse. These areas include symptoms of drug use, the negative effects of substance use, information on child and adolescent brain development, and many other important areas.

In addition, working with our school district social workers and members of the DAWC committee, we have provided a list of local resources you can use if necessary. These resources are listed on the back cover of the booklet.

In sharing this information with you, we partner with thousands of other parents and community members from around the country who have benefited from this resource and who, along with us, are very concerned about this problem. The Oceanside School District, through our DAWC committee, is committed to help solve the problem. We would also like to thank all the supporting sponsors who have generously contributed to the production of this very important booklet. If you would like to contribute in the future, please contact the office of the Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction and Research. It is our profound hope that we can make a difference in the lives of our children, our families, and our community.


Members of the Drug Advisory/Wellness Council (DAWC)

Oceanside School District

Sponsors: Oceanside Kiwanis Club, Oceanside Community Service, Oceanside Counseling Center, Oceanside Federation of Teachers, Oceanside Fire Department, Oceanside Parent Teacher Association, Oceanside Parent Teacher Association – Council, Oceanside School Administrators Association, Oceanside Stallions A.C., Inc., Towers Funeral Home



  • District Office, 516-678-1200

(Check web-site for District social workers’ contact information)


  • 4 th Precinct – 516-573-6400


  • Outreach House – 631-231-3232
  • South Shore Child Guidance Center – 516-378-2992
  • South Oaks Child and Adolescent Center – 631-608-5028
  • Confide Counseling – 515-764-5522
  • Long Beach Reach – 516-889-2332
  • Mineola Day Treatment – 516-742-4015
  • Oceanside Counseling Center – 516-766-6283
  • The Tempo Group – 516-374-3671


  • Long Beach Medical Center – 516-897-1000
  • North Shore – LIJ Health System – 718-470-7000
  • Nassau University Medical Center – 516-572-6655
  • South Nassau Communities Hospital – 516-255-8200
  • South Oaks Hospital, Amityville – 631-264-4000


  • Long Island Crisis Center – 516-679-1111 –
  • Nassau County District Attorney’s Office –
  • Alcoholics Anonymous – 516-292-3042 –
  • Narcotics Anonymous – 516-827-9500 –
  • Nassau County Mental Health Association – 516-504-4357 –

For parents –