6th Grade Game Design

It is Game Time! Come open our padlet links and delve into the world of computer game design! Oceanside sixth graders’ innovation coupled with persistence helped to create these games using a programmer’s language called SCRATCH- developed by MIT.
Look for the padlet with each sixth grade teacher on it, and find your child’s computer game design. Or sixth graders, widen your horizons by playing other games from Oceanside School students. Younger grade students, read the directions, play the games, and see the wondrous world of game design that you will be entering in 6th grade! Once you play these amazingly creative games, go to “look inside” and analyze the sophisticated code. Then go to scratch.mit.edu and use some of these inspirational sixth grade games as models to help you start coding and designing your very own game! We are so proud of our sixth grade coding experts as they persevered with great ingenuity and became computer game designers.