We all know that birthdays are important to every child and that kids like to celebrate with their classmates. However, sending in a food treat to the classroom to celebrate can exclude those children who have food allergies, diabetes or other dietary restrictions. If you would like an alternative to food treats for your child’s birthday celebration at school, below are seven suggestions. Always check with your child’s teacher first to see what he/she finds acceptable for their classroom and be sure to provide advance notice to make sure that they can fit the birthday plans into their schedule.


  1. Come into the classroom and read a book to the class.
  2. Buy something for the classroom (book, games, music, etc.).
  3. Send in supplies and directions for a craft for the kids to do instead of eating a snack. It is a bonus if the parent comes in to help with the craft.
  4. Arrange for the kids to play a game instead of eating a snack. If you don’t have any ideas, talk to your child’s teacher. They are likely to know what the kids will enjoy and what will work well in the classroom setting. Again, it is a bonus if the parent comes in to play games with the kids.
  5. Bring in a birthday card that all the kids can sign.
  6. Ask the teacher if you can have a “show and tell” time for your child on their birthday. They can make a poster, bring in some of their favorite things, bring pictures, tell the kids about their favorite things or life at their house, etc.
  7. Ask the teacher if you can send in a dance song, and have the whole class do the hokey pokey, or the chicken dance, whatever is your child’s favorite! Invite the Principal!