About Our School

South Oceanside Road School #4
Mission Statement: The staff of South Oceanside Road School No. 4, in partnership with parents and community, believes that all students can learn. We believe that the individual child is the heart of the school’s existence and, therefore, is central to all educational decisions and processes. We strive to create and foster a nurturing environment that promotes literacy, critical thinking, respect for self and others, a positive work ethic and healthful life-style. As a community of learners, we strive to meet these beliefs and prepare our students for the challenges of the new millennium and our ever-changing society.

Did you know:

  • Our school is comprised of 322 students and over 60 staff members. We believe that our school is a model of community. On any given day, students across grade levels can be seen working together as reading partners, classroom helpers, and role models for younger peers.
  • We are proud of the strong academic program our students are challenged by each day in support of state standards and district goals and objectives.
  • Smart Boards have been installed in all of our classrooms to support our new mathematics program, enVision mathematics; however, it is a tremendous asset in all curriculum areas.
  • Our guided reading program provides daily instruction in small groups for all first grade students on their instructional reading levels. The teachers have access to our literacy center as well as the excellent on-line tool, Reading A-Z. The classroom teachers in the upper grades continue guided reading so that students continue to develop and grow as readers and writers.
  • Lab experiences and research opportunities support the study of science and social studies. Our website currently displays pictures of our second grade students participating in a video conference on stages of matter and a field trip to the Long Island Children’s Museum, as well as a third grade study of whooping cranes. The students in grade five applied their understanding of natural disasters by writing to the Clinton Bush Haiti fund and collected items to go to the victims of the earthquake who continue to suffer. In grade six, the recent study of Egyptian culture led to the creation of artifacts by the students that are currently on display throughout the school.
  • Also, as a part of our building and district goals, we introduced Emotional Literacy to our students through the RULER (Recognize Understand Label Express Regulate) initiative. The first two anchors, charter and mood meter, were introduced to the students in the fall and the parents at Back-to-School Night. The spring will bring the final two anchors, meta-moment and blueprint, into the classroom.
  • Morning Meetings have become a part of the culture within our school. Morning Meeting is an opportunity for the entire school to come together for a shared experience. We do not have a set number of meetings each year; instead, we meet when there are topics we want to address as a community. The meetings are led by Mrs. Kletter and begin by 8:25AM. They last approximately 20 minutes including our regular morning announcements as well as music led by Mrs. Gruber. This year, we have met three times: September – “Welcome Back & an Emotional Literacy Introduction,” November – “Election Day & Student Council Speeches” and December – “Bullying & Creating a Caring Majority.”
  • This year, each of the elementary schools worked with a motivated group of sixth graders who want to address bullying within our schools. We have based our model on the existing one that has been in place at School #9E for the last nine years. The concept supports that the majority of children within the school community care about each other and want a community where they feel safe and included, a “caring majority.” Sixth grade students who apply to receive specific training on identifying bullying behaviors become “caring majority ambassadors.” They also learn to identify the roles children play in bullying situations and strategies for addressing bullying behaviors.
  • We have come together as a community to support causes that personally and globally affect us, including collections for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, the American Heart Association, Oceanside Community Services and most recently, St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.
  • We have numerous extra-curricular activities and opportunities for our students to get involved including Gym Clubs (at most levels), Mathletes, Reading Buddies, Art Club, Recorder Club and more. Our Student Council helps to develop future leaders and our first chapter of Kiwanis Kids, or K-Kids has had an outstanding start to the school year.
  • Our Student Council collects the plastic bottles in our school for recycling and this year they are working to have them deposited for money to assist families within our school. Additionally, they assisted with the collection of toys for the annual district toy drive and they have organized a before-school reading buddy program.
  • The fifth and sixth grade students who participate in K-Kids support community events including a coat drive, Valentines for Veterans and assisting with the set up for the Kiwanis Super Bowl Pancake Breakfast.
  • Numerous field trips have become a part of the culture of our school. Our fourth grade participates in a music experience each year. This year, they went to Tilles Center at CW Post to experience jazz in a performance titled, “What is New Orleans Jazz?” Our fifth graders visit Ellis Island each spring and our sixth graders will spend two nights and three days at Frost Valley for an environmental education and team building experience.
  • Our Arts and Education programs, organized by the PTA, truly enrich the learning that takes place in our schools. So far this year, a laser light show, the National Circus Project, and Theater Sports have entertained us. We are tremendously grateful for the PTA volunteers who work to find and schedule these wonderful programs to bring to our school.
  • Additionally, our PTA actively supports and provides opportunities for our students and families to learn and come together to enjoy the elementary school years, including: a Welcome Back BBQ, Picture Days, Plant Sales, Car Washes, Supermarket BINGO, PARP Week, Halloween Party, Shopping Night, and Holiday Boutiques.
  • In terms of Health and Wellness, we continue to encourage students to walk to school. Each quarter, we walk to school together as a part of a Healthy Bus Ride. All students have received a route to school with “bus stops.” They wait at their stop for the other children to come along with a teacher or parent leader to walk to school together. As we walk together, this activity supports both social and emotional growth in addition to increased physical activity.
  • We are proud of the number of students who participate in the Fine Arts within our school. Most students in grades 4-6 participate in our band, orchestra, recorder club, or chorus. Additionally, we look forward to our drama club performance of The Wizard of Oz on Friday, March 11, in the School #6 auditorium.

This brief summary of our school touches only the surface of the wonderful climate set at School #4. All members of our school community deserve recognition for all that they do from our students, teachers, parents, office staff, custodians, monitors, aides, etc….
We hope you have the opportunity to attend the events at our school and to look at the many samples of student work that line our hallways.