About Our School

While Oceanside is a school district of close to 6,000 students, our small community elementary school has fewer than 300 students. We are the smallest school in the district and we open our doors to all kinds of learners, including our general education students, students in need of academic support and IEP services, as well as students in need of a special class learning environment.

Students in all grades use Chromebooks in their classrooms. This investment was made after experiencing remote learning in the spring of 2020! Our teachers have learned so much, so quickly, so that this tool enhances teaching and learning for all!

Students in grades 1-2 engage in the Fountas & Pinnell Classroom and Fundations for literacy and phonics instruction. Students in grades 3-6 use Teachers College Reading Units of Study and writing workshop. EnVision mathematics or Pearson Realize provide our materials and program for developing a sequence of mathematics learning in all grades. Science has been modified to engage children in the Next Generation Science Standards and Social Studies relies on curriculum resources provided by PNW BOCES resources.

Our PTA is active and engaged in fundraising to support Arts and Education, as well as, a variety of enriching events and experiences for our students. SEPTA organizes guest speakers and resources to support all parents.

Finally, you may be wondering about the hummingbird in our logo and our mantra. Rosie Mastandrea was a secretary in the Oceanside School District. She retired from her home here at School #4 six-years ago. We lost Rosie to COVID19 on June 5, 2020. Our hearts were broken. Rosie was known for her overwhelming kindness and thoughtfulness. We all have stories of our Rosie. We joked that the notes she left us in our mailboxes were love notes. She was always reminding us of the good job we were doing. I received one note that stated, “You run a very happy school! The kids are always skipping down the halls.” She found the good in everyone and she always did the absolute best that she could. She gave her all to others.

In honor of our Rosie and as a forever reminder of her at our school, we lovingly bestowed the name of Rosie to a hummingbird because we know that the hummingbird always does the best that she can: I will be a hummingbird Our school is a family. We learn about each other’s lives and backgrounds. We celebrate our individuality and strive to raise amazing citizens in partnership with parents and guardians. Six-words have become our mantra - Be brave. Be kind. Work hard. For recent pictures and stories related to School #4, check out @OSchool4 on Twitter or call us at 516-678-7581.

Joanna Kletter

Proud Principal