About Our School

WS Boardman Elementary School

The opening day of school will be Tuesday, September 4th.

You can phone our school directly. Please note our numbers:
Main Office - Mrs. Ferris and Mrs. Ambort 678-8510
Nurse’s Office - Mrs. Garofalo 678-8514
Psychologist – Dr. Tortorici-Petrino 678-8516
Social Worker – Betzaida Nieves 678-1391

Please adhere to the following guidelines and procedures throughout the school year to keep your children safe and secure.

School begins at 8:15 AM. Children will be considered late if they enter after that time. Students will be permitted into classrooms between 8:05 AM, when the first bell rings and 8:15 AM., when the official day begins. Children should not arrive at school earlier than 8:05 AM, as we do not have outdoor supervision before this time. The only exceptions would be those children who have
scheduled early morning instruction or are at school for the breakfast program.

If you drive your child to school please use the Beatrice Avenue entrance. Drive around the circle and pull up to the designated drop off area. If you are dropping off children during our bus arrival time be cautious NOT to pass a bus that is dropping off our children. Wait patiently and exit behind the buses. Beatrice Avenue is an exit lane, so make a left turn and exit the school complex on Beatrice Avenue. DO NOT form a double lane of cars. This will force children to cross between cars and buses, causing a VERY DANGEROUS situation.

Walkers are dismissed out of the back of the building. Park your cars on Mahlon Brower Drive. Please do not park in the lot. Walk to the doors on the left and stand behind the yellow line. Teachers will dismiss students from this location. DO NOT instruct your children to meet you at your car. The children will only be released to an adult who is waiting outside. If you are picking up in the front, please park outside the school and walk to pick up your child. Do not enter the circle, as this is designated for bus pick-up only.

We need your help in finalizing your child’s after-school plans at home to alleviate last minute phone calls during the school day.  Although emergencies do occur and if a dismissal change must be made after the start of the school day, please adhere to the established procedure. Any change of lunch plans or dismissal plans must be preceded by a written note or email from a parent to the teacher with the date and signature of the parent.  We will not release any child unless we have this in writing.

In addition, any last minute change in the CARES or JCC after school programs must be received by email, fax or in person.   Please finalize dismissal plans before the start of the school day.  Following this procedure above is crucial as we work to dismiss over 320 students. Safety is our priority.  Thank you for your cooperation!

Our Breakfast Program will begin on the first day of school, Tuesday, September 4th. Breakfast will be available in the cafeteria from 7:30 AM. To 8:15 AM. The cost of breakfast is $2.25. Any child who attends the breakfast program MUST be purchasing breakfast. It is not an early morning drop-off service. Children will not be allowed into breakfast before 7:30 AM since there is no supervision before that time.

Lunch may also be purchased at school. You may either purchase lunch on a daily basis or enroll your child in the MY SCHOOL BUCKS program. The cost of lunch is $2.60. Information for this program may be found on the Oceanside School District website. Please note your child’s school ID number is required to enroll.

We are committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for all of the children in our school. With this in mind, we have some classrooms designated as having students with Food Allergies. These rooms are delineated with signs hung directly outside the classroom. Each student in these classes should have received a letter from their classroom teacher informing them of the specific allergies, so parents appropriately plan for snacks and lunch. In order to insure every child’s safety, please adhere to the letter sent to your child’s specific class. If you are unsure if your child’s class has been designated for having food allergies you can speak directly with the classroom teacher. In addition, any food brought into school for a classroom celebration must be store bought and must include a list of ingredients. Homemade treats will not be permitted in school.

If your child is going to be absent from school please call the nurse’s office at 678-8514 the first thing in the morning. In the event that she doesn’t hear from you, she will call home on the morning of your child’s first day of absence. A note explaining the cause of absence is required when your child returns to school, and should be given to your child’s teacher. If your child is going to be absent for several days and you are requesting class work or homework to be sent home, please call the office in the morning so that this can be arranged. Please do not call in the afternoon requesting homework; it is important we provide the classroom teachers enough time to gather the necessary materials.

We will continue to utilize an automated phone and email system to inform you of important school and PTA events, snow emergencies and delayed openings. Please be sure to update your email address on all forms this year.

A strong parent – school partnership is at the foundation of student success. 9E’s PTA sends all information via e-mail. To receive PTA related correspondence please send an e-mail to OCEANSIDE9EPTA@GMAIL.COM The subject line should read “PTA Emails”. Please include your child(ren)’s name(s) and grade(s) for the 2018-2019 school year.