Drop Off Instructions

Safety should be the first and foremost consideration when determining how our children are dropped off and picked up from school. By exercising caution and familiarizing yourself with pickup/drop-off guidelines, we can avoid situations that could potentially be very dangerous to our children.

Please help us in making the school driveways and crosswalks at our schools safer by observing these rules:
● Please Do Not enter the staff parking lots on the North and West side of the building.
● Please Do Not park in any numbered parking space. (Even for short stays)
● Please drive slowly in pick-up and drop-off areas.
● Pick-up and drop-off ONLY in the back of school.
● Please do not use Alice Avenue to access the back of the building. Enter via Mahlon Brower Drive.
● NO passing in the designated pick-up/drop-off line or dropping your child in the back lot.
● Have your child ready to leave the car when you are at the drop-off to keep the
line moving smoothly.

Most importantly, please understand that all parents, students and educators are involved in the same morning and afternoon rush. Abiding by the guidelines stated above, we may ensure the safety of all our children.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

-The Shared Decision Making Team